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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  July 28, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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we will inspect pawnshops. >> does he think they were stolen or does he know? is he illegally seizing my client's merchandise? i'm not gonna allow the county for a publicity stunt take merchandise my client legally obtained. >> reporter: i'm in maryland where a well-known go-go venue is no more this drummer playedant partied at byrne manor played many times. it was destroyed by fire. it was the scene in recent decades of go-go concerts and for a much longer time a social hall for the community around oxon hill. >> many things have happened here, a lot of graduation, baby- naming ceremonies. it's something we're gonna miss. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox,
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where this evening, city officials announce the resignation of police chief david baker charged with drunk driving saturday night. the 58-year-old david baker has been on the alexandria police force for 19 years. the last three as chief. at 11:00 p.m. saturday, arlington police say david baker charged a wreck with injuries. he was charged with dui with a blood alcohol limit of .19, more than twice the legal limit and failed a field sobriety test. james hartman says baker's decision to resign is appropriate. >> we're very disappointed about what happened the other night and his resigning. we can't lose site against a stellar career. the victim's family of the virginia tech massacre, they
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want answers. they believe there's too many inaccuracies. so tonight they issued a statement, urging governor tim kaine to reopen the state commission's review. the families want more information about the discovery of cho's records at the home of dr. miller. last week we learned that miller inadvertently took the files as he left his job more than a year before the shooting. dr. cain called for a public release of cho a he records. the leader of an alleged home-grown terrorist group is said to have local ties. daniel boyd is in custody in north . ronali audrey barnes nahas been lookin into boyd's background and has this report. >> reporter: school officials have confirmed that daniel boyd attended tc williams high school from december of 1984 to june of 1985. his wife was a student there.
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the couple was living in this quiet north carolina community when federal authorities swooped in, arresting boyd and charging him with training and recruiting others for terrorist attacks. >> everybody in the neighborhood is just shocked. >> reporter: sources say boyd played on the tc williams football team had they won the state championship in 1984. he and sabrina married and moved living in pakistan and fghanistan fr om1989 to 19. brand 1, he other were arrested for robbing a bank in pakistan. we went to the condo complex in silver spring, where boyd's mother, patricia sadler, still lives. a man answered the phone when we called but refused to complex. neighbors in north carolina are talking, though, about the religious meeting as the boyd home, hearing islamic music and the raid. >> they are kind of bringing things out. >> reporter: authorities seized numerous high-powered weapons. >> it's scary as hell, man.
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it's scary. >> you just don't know. this day in age, you just don't know who your neighbors are. >> reporter: audrey barnes, 9news now. in a statement released by the muslim society in raleigh sabrina says "we are an ordinary family, decent people who care about human beings. police believe the woman charged with robbing a suntrust bank also held up two other banks. she's charged with -- with robbing two other banks. if if you have any information helping police with this p robbery they want to hear from you. this driver was making a deposit, spotted the suspect approaching and drove away. call the police if you have
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information. dea agvetser sd ther office in las vegas d of michae jackson's personal physician. cbs has learned investigators are looking for documents, computer records or any paper trail related to dr. murray's treatment to michael jackson. >> are you looking for pharmaceutical stuff? >> we are looking for a lot of things. i can't comment. >> the l.a. coroner is expected to release details on jackson's death sometime this week. they say they were a asked by the lapd to hold off any report pending this investigation. judge sonia sotomayor hast june more hurd toll clear before becoming the first hispanic on the supreme court. it was voted 13-6 in her favor. that clears the way for a full vote by the san jose.
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lindsey graham -- >> i gladly give her my vote. america has changed for the better with her selection. some moderate republicans are already on record saying they do plan to support sotomayor when the full senate votes next week. judge roy peerson has lost another ran in court. he was the pants lawsuit guy. he sued a dry cleaners for $54 million over lost pants. he lost that case and then he sued again over losing his job. a judge threw that out. he says he was vilified by the media and lost his job. tony, another pretty humid day out there. >> yeah, no doubt. feels a little thick. the humidity has been high. the temperature up near 90.
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the heat index was in the low to. id in the heat and humid we've e nisis not a whole wlot of tithdermrsuns tone i.unwh seelere things are quiet. i ink seit will r most mo st of let's switch it to the weather. i think that we'll bump that up to a 50% or 60% chance for weather. keep that in mind. when we come back we'll detail the seven-day forecast going into the weekend. for now we'll send it back to you. just ahead -- taxing beauty. taxing on plastic surgery. lockdown. a local teen quarantined in china. hearparent who parent who has n seen her in almost two weeks.
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if we don't act, medical bills will wipe out their savings. if we don't act, she'll be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. and he won't get the chemotherapy he needs. if we don't act, health care costs will rise 70%. and he'll have to cut benefits for his employees. but we can act. the president and congress have a plan to lower your costs and stop denials for pre-existing conditions. it's time to act.
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welcome back. the professor, the policeman and the president. they are about to share a brew with the commander-in-chief. this is what i call a summit meeting. >> the details are out about the happy hour. it will be thursday night, 6:00. it will be on the back patio of the white house on a picnic table, weather permitting. the biggest question is what kind of beer the men will share. it's come out obama is a bud man, crowley likes red stripe. >> how long will they be together? >> probably about a half hour. long enough to get a few
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photos. >> last night, brett haber told us about how shaq, shaquille o'neal i should say, tried to talk his way into the white house without an appointment. what's the deal on this? >> there's been plenty of celebrities coming through the white house. but they've had invites. shaquille o'neal wondered if he showed up in a suit without an appointment if he could get in. he found out the answer was no. the secret service said we don't do things like regardless of how famous you are. we're wondering if michael jordan could get in. >> we argued that last night. what celebrity could have pulled it off in. >> someone from chicago. >> i'm thinking tiger woods. >> thank you. it is another example that
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beauty often does not come cheap. can you believe they are talking about taxing plastic surgery? fafab@ b@fa
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nine days and counting for a 16-year-old teenager being quarantined in beijing, china because she tested positive for the h1n1 virus. she was on an educational trip in china. she tested positive for the virus. 9news spoke to her parents. and they say she's the only one confined to the hospital. >> she's suffering. she's emotionally fragile right now. it's been many, many days since ter symptoms. >> it's tough when you get 0 phone call in the morning and she's crying. >> she tested positive for the virus on the second day of that trip. her mother says in order for her to be released, she cannot show any signs of h1n1. some people pay a pretty penny for plastic surgery. but are they willing to pay a
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0% tax? there's been some talk about this on capitol hill. >> botox is great. >> is it a good idea or a bad idea? i'm not talking about botox. i'm talking about a 10% excise tax on botox and other surgery. >> i think you need to decide how much money you can make off people in general. >> this doctor said he spent a lot of time in general and couldn't be opposed to a 5% tax on everything. but botox, tummy tucks and the like should not be singled out. >> when you go to the mall, should you put a tax on the cosmetics you buy, a pedicure? >> i like that better than raising gas tax. >> i don't see what gives them the right to say, all right, cosmetic surgery we're gonna tax but not other surgeries. >> if you have enough money for
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that, you have enough money for the tax. >> i'm told this plastic surgery tax has not been ridiously scussed and it's not been a part of the bipartisan organization. it sounds like botox is back in the safe zone for now. in washington, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now and >> we polled people about this. 44.4% said they yes and 44.4 say no. and 11% say, either way is cool with us. will the d.c. council approve the money that's needed for the summer program? legislators are meeting behind closed trying to close the deficit for the upcoming fiscal budget. they say the summer jobs program will get the 24 million
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if the cfo says that can keep the people working there. it may have to be cut to six weeks because the money is just not there. if they get the additional funds, the program would end on august 21. you will have to pay more to park at bwi. you used to be able to park for free to run in, pick up a passenger, but now bwi is charging 2 bucks for that first half hour of parking. now there's a new tool out there to help protect you from on-line scams an fraud. it's called site this allows consumers to post their good and bad experiences
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with -- bad experiences. you can publish this on your profile. go to our website and click on "living smart." we've been real lucky. we've had humidity. we think our luck is about to come to an end. >> tonight there is a 20 to 30% chance. tomorrow i bumped it up to 50%, 60%. i think the coverage will be greater on wednesday. you will see the difference here. on thursday and friday i think we get back into the same pattern in the heat and humidity with a hit-and-miss thunderstorm. for tonight, partly cloudy skies. 0 gonna be muggy. a slight chance for a thunderstorm. most of you, 80% will not have any rain at your house. sunset coming up at 8:23. a chance for showers and
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thunderstorms a much better chance than today. some of them could drop locally heavy amounts of rain. high temperatures between 84 and 89. a south wind at 10. last night when we were with you at this time. we talked about a cold front coming out of the mountains that's gonna die or dissipate. the ghost of that front for the remnants of -- or the remnants of the front are still around and that could slcreate focus o convection. let's look at the doppler. nothing showing up. there was a really good eaunderstorm that dropped a lod hofvy rain ououwiab bouabt ur but bacat y ll're weon a clean sweep. the next couple of hours, the odds are you will be flying if you are stepping out -- fine if you are stepping out. 87 officially at national airport with a dew point of 67. a couple of weeks ago we were talking about dew points in the low 50s. you see the difference, when the dew points get in the 50s as opposed to the 60s, it
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starts to feel comfortable. this is why i think tomorrow will be different than today. we have the same jet stream set up with the cooler air displaced to the west. there will be an impulse of energy riding in the energy going west of us during the day tomorrow. i think that will act as a focus for thunderstorms on wednesday. so that's why the enhanced chance tomorrow but the rest of the forecast going into the weekend, more of the same, hit and miss thunderstorms with high temperatures in the upper 80s to around 90. basically the same weather is gonna stay with us until probably the middle of next week. we might get into the coolish weather that we enjoyed at the beginning of the month. through the weekend, the same old, same old. >> any chance that weather pattern could kick up storms tomorrow, or over the weekend?
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>> there are a couple of models that do that on friday. yes. there are indications that that could happen again. >> all right. tony pann, thank you. from our weird news file. what a bunch of bozos! springfield, missouri, two charities trying to set the world record for most people wearing clown noses. a springfield, cardinals ballgame. minor ballgame. the mission, raise money for local cancer patients. laugh if you want to but last year the leukemia and lymphoma society shattered the record for most people wearing groucho marx glasses in one place. i just don't know where you go from there. where do you go next year? 'rfa
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in the mailbag tonight, major league backlash against the now potentially reinstated michael vick. marianne says it's not about forgiveness. the nfl is reading dollar signs.
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vic is not making out so well in joan's book. she says she's an animal lover. >> indeed, did. i don't think he was in it for the money. it's good to see mike vick getting a chance to start over. he's done his time and taken responsibility for the choices he's made. tony dungy has agreed to sponsor him and mentor him. and then there was this one from marcus in mitchellville --
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well, there was plenty outcry. but i think you raise an important question. why does it seem that at times we get a lot more emotional about what happens to animals than people? after all, humans get beaten every day? but when it is involved in -- but when it involves an animal i get an e-mail about that every day and then what happened with barbora, the same thing. what's that all about? i would love to hear your means. please include your name and write where you are coming from. you can log on any time you
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this is "entertainment tonight" in high definition. say my name is prince. >> my name is prince. >> brand-new video of michael jackson at home with his son as police raid the home of dr. conrad murray today. will he be charged with killing the king of pop? >> reports say, investigators have confirmed that dr. murray gave michael the drug propofol on the day he died. plus, new shots of debbie rowe visiting a beverly hills doctor. >> hey, debbie d you see the kids yet? michael's brother, tito. >> where is michael's body now? >> you heard the rumors, here's what's being said inside the jackson family inner circle. tito's first tv interview. >> i just know something's not right. then, michael's little prince as a toddler.


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